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The most important application for conventional membrane filtration in microbiological laboratories remains water testing, based on culturing microorganisms from the test sample. Typically, samples are filtered through a membrane filter and the filters are then transferred to the surface of agar plates containing prescribed media. The filters can also be deposited into a flask to be eluted by shaking. However, the method used for re-suspension of organisms after membrane filtration may result in considerable loss of organisms. Moreover, culture methods have long incubation times. In this context, a good solution consists in combining an easy filtration method with a fast detection method of microorganisms to reduce the total time of the analysis. Filterpid® provides a filtration device capable of being rapidly prepared by utilizing a cartridge of hollow fibers, which can easily be assembled.

Some of the main advantages using Filterpid®:

Avoids the use of vacuum pumps

Avoids the need to autoclave

Eliminates centrifugation

Reduces working time

Improves recovery rates

Increases filtration throughput

Allows an easy elution in the recovery step, prior to analysis by Legipid®.

Filterpid® (Cat. No. 211-10-00) is an easy and complete solution to prepare a sample to be analysed by rapid test Legipid®. It shows superior separation performance of the Legionella organims from the original water samples. The assembled system comprises a 60 ml-syringe connected to a pre-filter (syringe glass fiber filter), so a water-flux remarkably larger than that attained by the conventional filtration method can be attained. In turn, the prefilter is connected to a hollow fiber filter (0.2 µm nominal pore size) in a compact cartridge (the micro-filtration unit) with end cap. Filterpid® can be used without any pump. Original water sample pass through the centre of the hollow fibers by manually pushing the 60 ml-syringe (positive pressure). Bacteria are retained inside the hollow fiber filter (retentate). Micro-filtration unit is eluted by a back-flushing mechanism with a stabilizing agent L0 (not supplied). The final suspension is the prepared sample that can be analysed by the Legipid® test.